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Bronze Ear Cuffs

Bronze Earcuff    |    $63

A bronze earcuff that looks like it is crawling into your ear.    |    

Bronze Earcuff    |    $63

A bronze earcuff that looks like a satyr.    |    

Bronze Frog Earcuff    |    $63

A frog for your ear.    |    

Bronze Devil Earcuff    |    $63

A devil for your ear. Don't let him lead you astray. Oh, why not?    |    

Bronze Angel Earcuff    |    $63

An angel for your ear. Many of our clients wear a devil on one ear and an angel on the other.    |    

Bronze Social Climber Earcuff    |    $63

What ear is complete without it's own personal social climber?    |    

Bronze Gecko Earcuff    |    $63

This bronze gecko Jezzard earcuff will definitely keep the bronze flies away from your ear.    |    

Bronze Hanger On Earcuff    |    $63

This bronze Jezzard earcuff is a hanger on that will get your ear noticed.    |    

Bronze    |    $63

This bronze Jezzard "Little People" earcuff will get your ear noticed.    |    

Bronze Lizard Earcuff    |    $63

This bronze Jezzard lizard earcuff will tickle your fancy.    |    

Bronze Tiny Person Earcuff    |    $63

This bronze Jezzard tiny person earcuff for the delicate ear.    |    

Bronze Little Devil Earcuff    |    $63

Our nephew used to call this Little Devil Jezzard earcuff a "Devlin".    |