Hand Made Hair Combs made with stones in Nickel Silver, Bronze and Brass by Bill & Debbie Jezzard.  Jezzard Jewelry

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Hair Combs with Stones

Pair of Jezzard Bronze and Malachite Combs    |    $425

These matching bronze Jezzard combs are adorned with malachite cabochons.    |    

Nickel Silver Combs with Lab Grown Rubies    |    $465

These nickel silver Jezzard combs have matching lab grown rubies on each comb. These are particularly stunning.    |    

Single bronze comb with turquoise    |    $295

Single bronze comb with turquoise accented with bronze and copper.    |    

A pair of nickel silver combs with black onyx cabochons    |    $425

A pair of nickel silver combs with black onyx cabochons    |    

Nickel Silver Dragonfly Jezzard Minicombs with lab grown Rubies    |    $395

These Nickel Silver Jezzard Minicombs have bronze dragonflies set with real labgrown rubies. They are each 1 1/4" wide at the tops with 2 1/2" tines.    |