Hand Made Bronze and Brass Rose by Bill & Debbie Jezzard.  Jezzard Jewelry

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Bill_and_Debbie_Jezzard_Jewelry_for_HairAbout The Jezzards

We are Deborah and William Jezzard, Artists. We are inspired artists creating inspired jewelry and sculpture. Our artwork is our passion. We have 60+ years of combined expertise and experience using the gifts we were given as artists. We love to play with the powers of creation at the working ends of our welding torches to transform metal into our visions. We proudly share our gifts with you and it is our intention that when you purchase our jewelry from us you will transform your experience of who you are. If you have half the fun with our sculpture that we had making it, we will have fulfilled on our commitment to leave the world a better place than when we got here. Enjoy!